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Junior Patron

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For us there is a very importance audience, the kids. Artists always tell us they are their most demanding audience, sincere and expressive. For them we have created a special program that allows them to attend to exclusive workshops, to meet the artist and ‘magical creatures’ that participate in the infantile shows and to live the illusion of the theatre from the innocence of their eyes and their maximum creativity.

Participating in this program allow them to collaborate with the activity as well as experience in the first person the programming specially created for them.

Who are they?

  • Nacho Álvarez Casielles.
  • Daniel Álvarez Fernández.
  • Ariadna García Moya.
  • Ángel Sariego Suárez.
  • María Suárez Fernández.
  • Miguel Suárez Fernández.
  • Alma Vega García.

What do they have?

  • You will have your own accreditation card as “Junior Patron”
  • The adult entity that effects the contribution will be able to benefit himself or herself of the tax advantages that appear in the attached table.
  • Your name will be in the handheld program, in the institutional webpage, and in the lobby of the Campoamor Theatre.
  • A 10% discount for you and a friend in tickets for the infantile shows organized by the Opera of Oviedo.
  • You will have priority in the castings of infantile figuration organized by the Opera of Oviedo.
  • You will be able to attend to some rehearsal of the season of the Opera of Oviedo, make a guided tour to the Campoamor Theatre and meet the protagonists.
  • You could also attend the workshops organized by the puppet Evaristo.
  • We will give you a handheld program of every title of the season of the Opera of Oviedo.


Contribution (€) Tax deduction (€) Net contribution (€)
Year Year
2015 2016 2017 2015 2016 2017
75,00 37,50 56,25 56,25 37,50 18,75 18,75
150,00 75,00 112,50 112,50 75,00 37,50 37,50
300,00 116,25 157,50 165,00 183,75 142,50 135,00
500,00 171,25 217,50 235,00 328,75 282,50 265,00
1.000,00 308,75 367,50 410,00 691,25 632,50 590,00
2.000,00 583,75 667,50 760,00 1.416,25 1.332,50 1.240,00

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