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Why is your help essential?

When the curtain goes up and the magic starts, a million of elements created in the theatre workshops come to life.  Every piece of cloth, every stage panel, every wig, every light movement has a price. Furthermore, without the clothing coordinators, without technicians, without specialists, no production would be able to be brought on stage. Alongside the choir, orchestras and hundreds of singers that are involved in our season, the Opera cycle fulfills its major goal; reaching more and more people and building a more open society, generous and free. In all of this, the role of our sponsors and patrons is essential. Without them, the magic of the theatre would never be able to come to life.

How to help us? If you have a business...

Sponsor a production

When a company sponsors an opera title it becomes part of the show. The company takes part in its creation and its guests come to know the rehearsals process, the artists and they also can enjoy the magic of the opera far beyond the curtain. An opera night that becomes an unforgettable evening.

These are some of the reactions:

“This has been the best night of my life”

Amalia Pérez. Premium of a sponsor title.

“I had never seen the interior of a theatre, the way the crew work, and I am now very impressed”

Javier Fernández Uría.

“I loved the part when I was able to be on stage and imagine the feelings the artists have there”

Julio Suárez.

Imagine a personalized event

If you want to prepare a singular action because your company has achieved a goal, because you celebrate its birthday, or because as it is, you want to offer your workers a unique experience, we can design your perfect experience. We have already done it and look at what people have to say about it:

“It was perfect. Everything was very professional and we will always remember this experience”

Salomé Luengo. Marketing Director of Caja Rural de Asturias.

involved in our sponsorship program

Your company can become a sponsor, benefactor or protector of the Opera of Oviedo, with the satisfaction of contributing to a better society, commit with our cultural brand and participate more directly in our activity. There are various ways of doing it and categories that can be adjusted to the budget of each company. The compensations not only revert in aspects of the image, what the companies that are now involved in our project most appreciate is to be able to participate directly in our every day routine. They get to know in a closer way all the process and environment that is experienced during the creation of an opera.

If you don’t have a business

Our program of individual sponsorship allows the opera enthusiasts to help inasmuch as they can and, at the same time, to live their passion in a way they had never imagined before. You will be able to get to know your favorite singer, to enjoy special offers when you buy tickets, as well as to have access to the rehearsals and assistance to our special events are only some of the examples. That is how some of them joined us; maybe you can be encouraged too…

“I had never gone to the opera before. I went with a friend to a rehearsal in which there were more than 500 students. I got so emotional with the student’s reaction that I decided to become a patron”.


“I want to help because I love the opera and in Oviedo we make a great effort for the opera to be at the same level as theatres with greater possibilities”.


“I really like to be a part of the organization. I attend to some rehearsals and I love it”.


We have Junior friends

For us there is a very importance audience, the kids. Artists always tell us they are their most demanding audience, sincere and expressive. For them we have created a special program that allows them to attend to exclusive workshops, to meet the artist and ‘magical creatures’ that participate in the infantile shows, as well as to live the illusion of the theatre from the innocence of their eyes and their maximum creativity.

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